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Daringly Decadent, Sensual and Stylish

This is a site dedicated to a material lost on some, but a whole World of devotion to others…

Designed to augment and adorn legs and make the mediocre magnificent, or the svelte…splendiferous!

The shine and shimmer of quality hosiery is a sight to behold…

The feel and tactile nature a revelation in total sensory immersion.

The aim of this portal is to celebrate and share the very best of quality hosiery in stills and video, be it silk or nylon or even on occasion lycra or rubber. We simply adore any shiny material that works to serve a sensual visual feast of Lovers of Legs and Feet and Killer Heels.

Nylon has been around for a number of years now, and silk considerably longer. The production of quality hosiery has always aimed to give an allure to the female form. But, alas we now occupy a time where pantyhose or tights are worn as a Winter necessity and stockings are almost banished to a memory of glamour from years gone by as they may be seen as a chore to wear or even hint at a level of raciness beyond the realms of a politically correct feminist attitude.

However, some women still celebrate, and acknowledge, the power of a fine pair of legs and know that buying and wearing quality hosiery can give such an elegant turn of heel facilitating a fabulous 'feel good factor' and wooing the senses of admirers globally.

Testament to this can only come from the extensive investment into mainstream fashion set by pioneers of modern nylon production like Wolford, Falke, Platino or some of the newer players like Fiore, Transperenze or Glamory. Meanwhile, let us not forget the amazing legacy that continues from classic houses of silk and nylon production like Cervin, Eleganti, Gio and Ars Vivendi producing classic Fully Fashioned Seamed Nylons and Reinforced heel Toe Nylons

Let us continue to uphold the interest in this elegant and decadent medium and serve your needs and slake your thirst…..for…. NYLON!